TRG Values


  • care for our staff and keep them happy and motivated. If we care for our staff, they will care for our clients;
  • believe that all staff have a voice and we respect their opinion;
  • deliver the best service we can;
  • acknowledge our short comings and ensure we act on lessons learned;
  • take personal responsibility and pride in our work


  • create a workplace where we are as close to a zero harm environment for our people and our planet as possible;
  • create a frictionless process providing resources to our customers installing and maintaining their assets;
  • be better tomorrow than we are today.

Company Targets

  • exceed client and staff expectations;
  • maintain the most competent, reliable and happy workforce in the industry;
  • develop flexible and client-focused operating procedures.


  • continually improve QHSE and move nearer towards a zero harm environment.
  • comply with all legal and regulatory requirements;
  • demonstrate that our people are more valuable than our profits.