TRG Service

We understand how important it is to maximise the availability of your fleet, increase production and bring down LCOE.

TRG employs dozens of  maintenance technicians from trainee level right up to AT/Master technician status and is proud to offer support in a number of different areas.

These areas can be broken down into 2 main categories:

Scheduled service

TRG have several teams in Europe and the UK currently carrying out scheduled maintenance. Typically, we use our own AT’s so you can save your skill base for breakdowns and trouble shooting. We have a fleet of vans fully kitted out with all tools needed for stretching and torqueing, generator alignment, and all the other tasks you would typically expect to find. We are also happy to adapt to your needs and carry tools or consignment stock of parts that regularly need replacing.

Service support

TRG supply technicians from juniors, to highly experienced AT’s to support your in house technicians. This can be from covering holidays right up to doubling your maintenance teams on the road in a country for a major retrofit or service campaign. These technicians will report to your leads and will essentially be your technicians for the duration of the assignment. These technicians as standard have arc flash clothing and PPE to your specifications. If vehicles or tools are required, just ask. We will handle all travel arrangements, accommodation and food therefore all you have to worry about is getting the job done.